You Survived Trauma. You are a Super Hero.
Let’s go on a journey together and get your magical powers back.

Have you ever shared your traumatic experience with a friend, family member, acquaintance or health professional and felt judged or rejected? Maybe the person’s eyes became wide. Maybe through their facial expression or their words, they communicated to you, “Wow, you must be a really messed-up person.” Did you shut down? Were you more hesitant to share afterwards? Did you find that you resisted admitting to yourself how wounded you really were? Did you feel that this trauma ‘marked’ you as weak or damaged? You are not alone.

On the other hand, have you shared your traumatic experience with someone and been told that your experience wasn’t ‘bad enough’ to ‘count’ as trauma? Did you question whether you could trust your emotions and judgement regarding the incident and generally in life? Did you feel like you didn’t ‘deserve’ to experience those intense emotions because it wasn’t a ‘real trauma’? You are not alone.

I have personally experienced both of the scenarios above as have many of the clients I work with. You are not alone! You are part of the trauma club that no one wants to belong to. You have been through hell and you feel beaten up. Through your extraordinary strength and spirit, have you persevered. You are a Super Hero.

Being judged and feeling shut down because of experiencing trauma, to me, is yet another trauma to add to the pile. Other people’s perceptions of trauma ,or of you, may never change. However, the way you see yourself and the trauma you endured can be transformed.

I have found for myself and for many of the clients I work with, that we, as humans, have a phenomenal capacity to thrive after surviving—to heal, love, connect and laugh again—in a richer and more profound way than we ever thought possible.

I have also found, –thanks to working with the Plant Spirits— that exploring those separated and shut-down parts of yourself in a creative, visually rich, non-threatening, and even sometimes humorous way, encourages those parts to reconnect to the wholeness of your being and allows your spirit to flourish.

The Plant Spirits have such a vast perspective compared to ours. Their personalities are seriously intense on the one hand, and hilarious on the other. They offer such a depth of wisdom and solid support, that you may find that you are not only reconnecting to yourself, but to all of the natural world— and by doing so, you are so connected and supported, that you are truly never alone and always have deep wells of strength to draw on around you. I believe this was how our ancestors lived life—connected and supported by their communities and by nature physically and energetically–until modern life changed our perceptions of our place in the world and cut that vital connection.


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