What can you expect in a Consult-Healing Session?

Every session is different–even with the same client–but here is the general outline of a typical session:

1) Once I energetically connect with your Astral body–which is attached to your physical body—I am immediately met by your Guardian Spirits. They know the history of your physical body, the greater history of you as a soul, and are in charge of protecting you during this lifetime. They are fiercely protective, as they should be.

2) These Guardian Spirits choose what type and how much information to share with me about you and like the other New Moon services, this information is symbolically coded just for you. Read More

What is so different about this type of Deeper Astral Work?

For the Plant Spirit Consult, I begin walking into your Forest and individual Plant Spirits reveal themselves to me as they volunteer to help you. I walk deeper into your Forest with the Personalized Blends and the Plant Spirits work together in complex collaboration.

For the Astral Body Consult-Energy Healing Session, I go even deeper into your Forest AND another dimension is added: your Astral Body. So, when I travel to your Forest in this case, it is overlaid and integrated with the spirit aspect of your physical body. This additional dimension allows for much more information to come in. Read More

What is inside my Astral Body and what does it mean?

In the 20+ years I have been working with the Astral Bodies of people who come to me for help, I have seen a diverse array of Astral structures and scenes. Read more   

Learn more about my Astral Training and Experience here.


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