Trauma is Complex

The traumatic memory, whether it was one experience in time or several experiences over a period of time, is a package of multiple traumas with various degrees of severity. Also, many of the traumatic details tend to be hidden from recollection in order allow the psyche to survive the experience intact. Because of these factors, beginning to unravel trauma can feel like an emotional field of land mines that seems better to just avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately, though your rational brain may have resolved the incident by compartmentalizing or working through it intellectually, the trauma is many times still unresolved in your physical, emotional and spiritual being. When we push away the trauma into a corner of our minds to focus on all of the other things that life challenges us with, I believe a part of our being separates from itself.

Once this happens, our bodies, minds and spirits begin to talk to us through symptoms with the goal of us becoming wholely integrated again. When we ignore these calls, they become louder and louder until working through the trauma—all the courage it takes to open that Pandora’s box—seems like a less painful prospect than dealing with all of the symptoms that arise from ignoring it.

A lot of the pain involved in trauma deals with betrayal by a person, environment or situation you previously trusted. On top of this, is the betrayal many feel by their own body, mind and emotional response to the event(s) while it is happening and long afterwards. This leaves an unsettling sensation of feeling unsafe and untrusting of yourself and others even in the most seemingly neutral and safe situations.


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