Client Testimonials


“I am a retired litigation attorney, yet stress and bouts of depression are still a factor in my life. I consulted Heidi without any genuine expectations and a tiny spark of hope. I had met her in a social setting and was encouraged by a friend to see her professionally.During our session, she was utterly focused and hyper-attentive. In fact, she listened with a degree of attention that is rare. Heidi cared deeply about the specific concerns I brought to her and her entire goal is to address your needs. She is incredibly knowledgeable about plants and was generous with her time in explaining her process before our session. After she’d formulated a specific personal blend of plant essences for me she again took time to explain each element, the role it played and suggested how I could incorporate it in my life. There was a lot to take in and I was grateful that she included a written summary of the plants used and why.

My primary blend is complex, rich and pleasing. When I use it, the scent alone brings on a feeling of calm. Because she uses only the purest forms, these are not perfumes and do not linger. The act of applying the blend (I put it on my wrists) is a mindful experience that can be repeated as your day progresses. She also included smaller bottles of each specific plant essence to be used for individual issues. I don’t understand why I feel such a powerful connection to the blend she created but am delighted with the result. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Elaine J.

“Heidi felt like a kindred spirit from the very first moment I talked with her on the phone. After discussing my unique situation, Heidi created two personal blends for me. Those two blends felt like my very own personal cheerleaders. Besides placing small amounts on my wrists and ankles, I felt supported and found relief simply carrying the bottles in my scrub top at work, or even in my purse.

She spoke with me at length about each oil she included in each of my personal blends, how each came to be included, and I instantly related to the gift each contributed. The personality of each oil I receive from Heidi feels very distinct and supportive of me personally, like genuine, non-judgmental and loving friends.

I felt such a connection with my personalized blends, along with a few other individual oils I purchased from Heidi, (each with their own powerful contribution), that I carried them with me as I walked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago last year. I think the biggest testament to the healing work Heidi does with sharing her plant friends, is the grief I experienced when I accidentally left my precious personal oil blends in my hotel room while on vacation a few months ago. I called the hotel on three occasions trying to retrieve my precious essential oil friends. The level of grief I felt for my lost friends was unexpected.

To this day, I still hope they will someday miraculously appear in my mailbox. Each time I place an order with New Moon in the Forest I am delighted to receive what appears to be a beautiful gift in the mail. Heidi meticulously packages her oils in such a way that makes me feel like a special beneficiary of her love. Heidi was recommended to me from a friend who lives in Kansas. I live in Missouri, and Heidi lives in Florida.

After working with Heidi for about a year via emails, texts, and phone calls, I had the immense pleasure of meeting Heidi face to face. The instant connection, acceptance and love I felt from Heidi is a rare find in today’s world. She is genuine and kind. I hope to have to privilege of seeing her again someday soon.”

Kerri B.
Registered Nurse, Missouri



“Heidi & her Plants came into my life when I most needed them. Last year, the death of my mother and my husband’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s were a one-two punch. My “Emergency Kit” of single oils allowed me to survive and, possibly, even thrive during the immediate stress. And my Blends strengthened me for the “long haul”.

I admire and appreciate the care & devotion Heidi gave to choosing/creating my oils.
Before: She knew what questions to ask, to discover what would best serve me. Most importantly, she listened!
After: She was so generous with the time she spent to explain, describe each oil… and why each was chosen.

Heidi’s knowledge and love of her oils, and the plants that produce them, is so very evident! They are her family. This is not aromatherapy. It is healing action at its most basic level. Plant level. You cannot have a conversation with Heidi without coming to your own appreciation of the sacred essence of plants. All plants.”

Susan C.
Overland Park, Kansas



“Heidi is warm, intuitive, funny, kind, witty and knowledgeable. I enjoyed my consult with her immensely, laughing with delight over her intuition and the knowledge she has in a wide variety of areas.
I found her to be highly sensitive in discerning the best plant essences to work with me. She listened closely and attuned to my needs. I gained support and insight during our time together that has continued as I work with the plant essences she recommended, allowing me to deepen and continue my personal journey.”

Connie F.



“Heidi is beyond wonderful to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable, but also so gifted in her way of sharing that knowledge. She really takes the time to speak carefully and gives lots of anecdotes for further and deeper meaning / understanding. I felt so comfortable sharing my life with her and I feel that level of comfort contributed to the success of my product and my understanding of its uses.

Heidi not only taught me the healing power of plants, but taught me how to reconnect with myself spiritually, energetically, and emotionally. I am forever grateful to her for this. I received these products so quickly after speaking with Heidi and she was so committed to keeping me informed throughout the whole experience.

I knew when she would be talking with the plants and was able to follow that exchange from afar. I felt so connected to the process because of Heidi’s willingness to be so open and offer guidance with regards on how to use and foster a relationship with the product. This product is truly unlike any other I have purchased from any store.

The scent of the partner oils- aside from being wonderful, truly does feel uniquely me and has become a part of how I identify myself. I recognize my strengths and weaknesses through the products and they have begun to bring me a level of self-awareness. My oils have aided my stress levels immensely. The ritual of putting the oil on the body has itself become a meditative act, which has furthered my practice of slowing down / being present and letting the product work through me. I find in times of high tension or change, the scent really has a unique calming effect that is different than any holistic treatment I have tried in the past.

My skin also loves the oil! As an aside, the products themselves are beautiful and came in the most wonderful travel pouch that makes it easy for me to locate and bring everywhere! I will be a lifetime supporter of New Moon, and I cannot wait to invest in some more products and conversations with Heidi as my life changes and evolves!”

Skylar Brennan
Contracted Employee at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Kansas City, Kansas


“Heidi has done a lot for me in the last few years including energy healings and consulting with Plant Spirits. One of my favorite scents ever is her product Sunshine Ninja. I rub it on my wrists and the smell is instantly calming and energizing at the same time. Heidi has also made up a personal collection of oils for me that included Yuzu, Juniper Berry, and Ravensare.

I love these smells because they resonate with me and instantly place my mind in a secluded forest and at peace. Heidi has also done energy healings for me. These healings feel very significant to me and I can always feel a shift in me. I feel noticeably lighter and clear throughout my whole body afterwards. I can genuinely tell that Heidi puts her all into her work and has the best intentions for her clients.

She’s amazing at listening and communication. She’s very thorough after healings, letting you know what she did and found. Everything she tells me always feels accurate to what I experienced during the session which is extremely incredible to me. All her work has done so much for me!”

Irene S.
Austin, Texas



“New Moon has been a positive, calming support in my life. Although I love my work, it can sometimes become overwhelming. I have been receiving energy work from Heidi Williams for the past two years. She has worked on me in person and has also given me distance healings.
Heidi is a professional, thoughtful soul, who takes care to listen to you, so she can best address your needs and concerns. When she does my healings, she is guided to use specific oils for both their energetic and aromatic benefits. Even after the sessions are over, I am able to reconnect with the experience by using the special family of oils she has provided for me.
Her products are high quality, natural, environmentally friendly, and a pleasure to use. Heidi’s work and her oils leave you feeling relaxed and centered. She shares the spirit information with you, making sure you understand its significance. I always look forward to our sessions because I get so much from them and I feel valued as her client. I highly recommend her services.”

Kathryn S.
Massage Therapist and Caretaker
Kansas City, Missouri



“What a gift! I was fortunate enough to meet Heidi through my sister. I received multiple energy healing sessions which is kinda hard to describe as anything else but wow!
Heidi truly has a unique gift. As soon as she puts her hands on you, you can instantly feel the transfer of energy. It feels like a vibration coming from her body that transfers to yours when she first touches your feet. I was able to feel it as high up as my stomach after a few sessions.
Heidi makes you feel so comfortable and is truly such an amazing person. I had a session from another source before but it felt nothing like it did when I went to Heidi! Such an amazing experience. I am planning on more sessions and also going to let my son try it out as well.”

Tiffany W.
Naples, Florida



“I was in a really bad situation- a bad financial and family situation. It got really complicated. All of the mapping Heidi did with me, all of those images and memories she shared with me, did something. As time went on, things started to change for the better in my family and my business life. I was able to take charge of my life in better and much easier way.

The abundance came later after we talked, and it continues getting better and better. I know all these changes were caused by our session, whatever Heidi said to me. I would say it started 2 or 3 months after our consult, things started to shift out of nowhere. I started getting more calls for my business, the situation at home calmed down, and now everybody gets along really well. Things are getting even better than I could ever have imagined would be possible. My life is happier.”

Paul B.
Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master,
Cape Coral, Florida and Czech Republic