About New Moon

Sunshine Ninja &
Forest Friends by New Moon

While the New Moon in the Forest website is focused solely on personalized services and the individualized products that accompany them, I will be creating a second website called Forest Friends by New Moon (forestfriendsbynewmoon.com). This site will offer products for general use, like Universal Essential Oil Blends–created by the Plant Spirits–and Hydrosols distilled by New Moon.

I call these New Moon products ‘general’ because they are not personalized to a particular client’s needs and they allow anyone who loves Plant Spirits to work with the Spirits of these Blends and Hydrosols on their own. Some clients enjoy working with these products in addition to their Small Collection of essential oils or Personalized Blends from a New Moon Service. Other clients prefer to use New Moon’s universal products exclusively.

Sunshine Ninja is New Moon’s first Universal Blend. She represents a collection of ‘Forest Friends’ all contained in one bottle! The leader of this particular Blend is Yuzu and, yes, she is the Sunshine Ninja. The other Plant Spirits in this Blend–represented by their respective essential oils—are her Forest Friends. Together they operate as a dynamic team. Clients who work with Sunshine Ninja tell me that she is: calming, energizing, feisty, focused and uplifting. If you are hooked on Sunshine Ninja (It happens!) and would like to order a bottle before the Forest Friends website is up, please contact New Moon and I will send her your way. If you are curious about her, but not quite up to the commitment of the whole bottle (she is a lot to handle), New Moon offers a large sample for purchase.

New Moon in the Forest- Created by the Plant Spirits

The Plant Spirits are the true founders of New Moon in the Forest. They are the ones who are responsible for directing its mission: to encourage a growing consciousness of and connection to Plants and their Spirits for the purpose of healing individuals and communities–human and plant-alike.

The Plant Spirit Shift

What I have seen again and again is, as my clients nurture their connection to the Plant Spirits, their awareness of their natural environment—both physical and energetic–becomes heightened and their perspective shifts. Their awareness of themselves, their patterns, their past, their emotions also shifts.

For some clients, this recognition of Plant consciousness has woken up their intuition and allowed them to see the great depth of support that surrounds them. For others, it has simply brought them a greater sense of peace in their daily lives. The feedback I continue to receive from my clients is that this Plant Spirit Process helps them navigate through difficult times and shift into a better place.

Special Requests

From time to time, an established client has a unique need that doesn’t quite fit what I offer through this website. For these special cases, if I feel confident that altering a New Moon service or product will be more effective for that client’s special circumstance, I will modify a service or product to fit that need. This special request may carry an additional cost depending on: the amount of essential oil and type of oils used, the additional time it might take, and the depth I need to go into the Astral to complete the service and create the product.