I hope for New Moon to be a part of your greater healing journey.

In my experience there is no such thing as a quick fix. It takes time and it takes work to heal ourselves. It can be seen as yet another thing to do or an adventure. I believe self-healing means self-love and the best way for us to do that is to incorporate self-care into our daily lives. Modern life is hectic and it’s easy to postpone taking care of ourselves. Self-care doesn’t have to take up the whole day; some of it can be done a few minutes or in an hour. All of the little things we do to nourish our bodies, minds and souls add up! On the other hand, if we are really hard on our bodies and on ourselves without nourishing them, then any kind of healing modality will struggle to root, germinate and grow, because the conditions for healing simply are not available.

Everyone is different. What fills your well? What keeps it filled?

Some ideas for self-care habits:

Taking a deep breath, then another one, eating healthy tasty food, drinking plenty of water, getting enough quality sleep, moderating alcohol consumption, taking a quiet bath, baking or cooking if that relaxes you, catching up with a friend, walking around barefoot in your backyard, reading a novel, doing a daily meditation, practicing yoga, talking a nice walk with your dog, snuggling with your pet, spending time in nature every day, seeing a good therapist who both challenges and supports you, getting a massage, doing exercise that is fun and not a chore, keeping positive people around you, saying ‘no’ sometimes, helping a stranger, getting cozy on the sofa and watching a movie, appreciating what is going right in your life, telling yourself you are awesome and why!


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