Your Small Collection

Small Collection

Your small collection will include 5-9 bottles of single note essential oils.

The oils vary widely in price, so that will determine the size of the bottles you receive. I balance your collection–keeping in mind the price of the oils, the number of oils you receive and the size of the bottles—so that the monetary value of every oil set is the same for every New Moon service.

In the global essential oil market, prices can fluctuate dramatically. Essential oils and absolutes that are rare–due to the low availability of the plant and/or the uncommon distillation of it, aged, distilled from plants with low oil yield, and/or made from complex time-intensive processes of extraction are always very expensive. However, what tends to make the prices soar/decrease is availability. When a certain essential oil is plentiful due to a good season, and the distillery expands production for example, the price goes down. When distilleries shut down, weather has not been favorable, the area experienced a natural disaster, the plant has been overharvested or there are political issues restricting the export of the oil, for instance, prices increase.

Therefore, depending on the price I paid when I purchased the oils chosen for your collection, that will factor into how much you receive of each one and over time, those purchase prices for various oils will go up and down. I have set the retail price of $95 to be included in each service and for a-la-cart collections as well. This currently gives me enough room to offer a client small amounts of expensive oils and relatively larger amounts of less expensive oils.

If you wish to order another small collection of the same oils from your New Moon service, or if you would prefer to purchase just a few select oils from that collection, Oils à la carte, please contact New Moon directly to place your order.


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