Plant Spirit Process

Working with the Plant Spirits

When we have our initial consult, I am listening to your words and to your energy. As you and I connect over the phone, an intricate energetic imprint becomes visible to me. It’s this energetic snapshot that I bring to the Plant Spirits when I ask for their help on your behalf. I have a strong sense of this imprint, but I cannot not translate it. The Plant Spirits, however, are able to read your energetic imprint in great detail.

Our sessions are confidential. I am open to hearing whatever you wish to share with me. Sometimes clients don’t realize that they have omitted important information just because it seems trivial. Other times, clients are not ready to share certain deeply personal details with me. Though I do need enough information for the two of us to focus on our goals for the session, the beauty of working with the Plant Spirits is that they see the whole picture, one that no client could ever possibly share with me even if he or she wanted to.

In my experience working with clients, the Plant Spirits primarily work through imagery and secondarily with words. The Plant Spirits give me an incredible amount of sensory detail that I share with the client, so you are able to imagine the sights, sounds, smells, textures, temperature, emotions and other sensations. These complex scenes are personally coded messages delivered to you through your personal symbology system. In other words, my job is to first witness this ‘waking dream’–the Plant Spirits created solely for you—and then to faithfully describe it to you in intricate detail.

I transmit the information to you, as you are the intended audience, and the only one who can translate its true meaning. This way, the intimate details of your life are kept safely between you and the Plant Spirits. Sometimes clients share their ‘aha’ moments with me when they translate these messages, other times they keep these discoveries private. I honor these decisions as they are key to the client’s shift into self-empowerment and healing.

On my personal journey, I have many times felt pushed to share details of my life when I was not ready to as the ‘price to pay’ for healing. I never want my clients to feel that it is necessary to betray their instincts in order for me to help them. To me, this is the beauty in the Plant-Patient privacy maintained by the Plant Spirits. It keeps those boundaries of information-sharing in place allowing the client to feel safe enough to begin healing by reconnecting to those disconnected parts of his or her beautiful self.

“Where attention goes, neural firing flows,
and neural connection grows.”

– Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

Creating new pathways in the Forest =
Building new pathways in your brain

How? Each New Moon service is designed to have the client and I ‘walk through the Forest’ and navigate his or her new paths. This Forest is multi-layered; it is the complete story of you–spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. As we travel, creating new pathways in your Forest, our objective is to be simultaneously building new neural pathways in your brain.

The goal is to use the multi-faceted and sensory-rich messages (neural building materials) the Plant Spirits offer you in the forms of– 1) Subtle Energy 2) Visual Scenery, 3) Verbal Messages and 4) Biochemical messages (Essential Oils)—to help clients pull out of negative neural loops that are a source of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony. How? By building new positive neural loops! This is what New Moon in the Forest means by ‘Healing with Plant Wisdom’. Read more   

A special note for those clients who come to me to work through trauma:

Trauma is a stigmatized word. In our society, a person who has been through trauma is often seen as ‘damaged’ and ‘unfixable’. New Moon in the Forest wants to change that perception.

You are NOT your Trauma:

Just because you went through a messed-up situation does NOT mean you ARE the messed-up situation. You were so strong. You survived. You are still here. Your being took some major hits and is trying its best to cope, find balance, and thrive. Read more   

New Moon’s Perspective on Trauma:

I consider trauma to be any time a part of your being separates from yourself in order to psychologically and physically survive an experience. Read more   

Trauma is Complex:

I have found from personal experience and from what my clients have shared with me that trauma is never just a single event. Read more   

When your Amygdalae decide to run the show:

We have two amygdalae in our brains—one amygdala in each cerebral hemisphere. They are a part of the body’s limbic system and deal with survival instincts, processing of emotions, memory, and sex.   Read more   


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