Plant Spirit Consult : Check-in Session

Plant Spirit Consult : Check-in Session : $150

This session includes one hour of consultation time : A 15-minute initial consult and a 45-minute follow-up consult.

After purchasing this service, the client emails me with the specific issues or questions they want to work with and we schedule an initial consult. Sometimes, clients find that after working for a while with their essential oil collection, they would like to ‘check-in’ with their Plant Spirits to gain more guidance.

In that first 15-minute consult, we talk just enough so I can gather the newest version of client’s energetic imprint and we schedule the follow-up consult. In the time between your two consults, I go over the scenes that the Plant Spirits shared with me from your initial Plant Spirit Consult Service. I then enter back into those scenes and bring up the client’s questions and concerns to the Plant Spirits. It is there where I receive new visual and verbal responses from the Plant Spirits.

This service is for clients who wish to do a separate ‘check-in’ session after they have spent some time working with their oils and connecting to their Plant Spirits.


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