Plant Spirit Consult : Additional Options

Additional Consultation Time

$125 for 1 hour Add to Cart / $75 for 30 minutes Add to Cart

This is for clients who wish to extend their consultation time for their Plant Spirit Consult. The client may choose to add this additional time either when they purchase the Plant Spirit Consult service or during the consultation itself. The 30 or 60 minutes of extra consultation time can be added on to the initial or follow-up consult; it can also be divided between the two.

Oils à la Carte

Sometimes during a Personalized Blends Check-in session or a Continuing Astral Body Consult-Energy Healing Session, one or more new Plant Spirits appear and offer their help. In these cases, there are not enough new Plant Spirits to warrant creating a small collection of 5-9 oils, so purchasing the oils à la carte a great option.

A variety of size options are available. Prices will vary depending on the particular oil(s) requested. New Moon offers Free Shipping for orders of $95 and over to anywhere in the United States. For Florida residents, sales tax will be added to the oil total. For orders under $95, there is a $10 shipping and handling fee. For all oils à la carte requests, please contact New Moon directly to place your order.


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