Personalized Blends : Consultation


The Basic Components of this Service

1) A 30-minute initial consult with the client conducted by phone or video conference, 2) A total of 2 hours of me working alone with the Plant Spirits on your behalf: 60 minutes of me going into the Astral to meet with the Plant Spirits and witness the 2 scenes, taking notes regarding what took place while the Plant Spirits continue to give me information about the scenes, and 60 minutes of receiving the detailed instructions of how to create your two Blends, then physically making the two Blends, while the Plant Spirits continue to share more facets of information regarding the Blends’ chemical and energetic structure, and finally 3) A 90-minute follow-up with the client to share detailed information regarding the client’s scenes and how the two blends mirror those scenes.

Personalized Blends: Step-by-Step:

  1. Once you purchase this service, you will be asked to fill out an information sheet online, and then we will schedule your initial consultation.
  2. This 30-minute initial consult is a verbal and energetic information-gathering session. During our time together, I will ask you a few questions, but mostly I will listen to you tell me about the obstacles you are facing and the goals you wish to achieve. At the end of this session, we will set up your follow-up consult. This will be scheduled to occur after you have received your oils in the mail.
  3. After we have concluded our initial consult, I spend 2 hours working on my own with the Plant Spirits. I start this phase of the service by shifting into a higher state of consciousness and enter farther into the Astral than I did for the Plant Spirit Consult in order to connect with the Plant Spirits deeper in their world. Next, I bring the Plant Spirits the energetic imprint you shared with me during our initial consult. From there, two large groups of Plant Spirits volunteer to offer their services as I witness two separate, but related scenes they create for me to share with you. Afterwards, while I shift my consciousness again to be partially in both their world and our world, I begin to write down in detail these two scenes—they show each scene to me multiple times so that I can glean as much detail from them as possible–and any auditory information they have shared with me. As I write my notes, the Plant Spirits correct and add to them. As I maintain that state of in-between worlds, the Plant Spirits tell me in intricate detail how to structure your Blends chemically and energetically. They also tell me who the key players in each Blend is and what the goal of each Blend along with the joint goal of the Blends used together as a set of ‘Partner Blends’. In our scheduled follow-up consult, I will share all the details of this experience with you. More information regarding how I work with Plant Spirits can be found here.
  4. Next, I blend and label your Personalized Blends and send them to you. You will receive a tracking number, so you can follow their journey with the postal service from Southwest Florida right to your door!
    *While in a Plant Spirit Consult, I work with the plants individually, for the creation of a set of Personalized Blends, the Plant Spirits work as a dynamic team. Read more   
  5. To conclude this service, we have our 90-minute follow-up consult where I share with you the details of your two complex dream scenes the Plant Spirits have shown me—one complete scene for each Blend. We also discuss the roles the numerous Plant Spirits have agreed to play in your Blends for this part of your healing journey. It is always quite a cast of characters!
  6. Now your adventure really begins! This is where you initiate your relationship with not only the key Plant Spirits leading your Blends–in their energetic and material forms–but also start to work with the entire team of each Blend, and also experience how both aspects of these ‘partner’ Personalized Blends work together.
  7. If you have brief questions after your follow-up consult, please text me at (239) 595-6869 and I will answer them. If you want to go deeper into what we discussed in your consult, please send me an email at and we will set up an appointment for a Check-in Session.   

Sharing your stories:

If you feel inclined to do so, please stay in touch. I love hearing my clients’ stories about their experiences with their Plant Spirit friends. If you feel up for sharing publicly, you can post on New Moon’s Facebook page or you can use Facebook Messenger to send me a private message.

Thank you for being a part of New Moon!


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