Which New Moon service is right for you?

Building the Foundation

The first time a client and I work together, we build the foundation for the healing work. As we continue to work together, each passage through the Forest is infused with more complex symbolic layers and messages. In each of these experiences, I act as the client’s guide, companion and interpreter. Some clients choose the same type of service each time while others move between the different options available.

Services offered by New Moon in the Forest

The Forest is a reflection of your human experience in its Spirit-Astral-Energetic form.
Each of the different services below travel progressively deeper into your Spirit World.

1) The Plant Spirit Consult is about taking the first few steps into the Forest where individual Plant Spirits introduce themselves one-by-one, offer support separately and show simple scenes, like snap shots.

2) In the Personalized Blends service, I travel deeper into the Forest. The Plant Spirits work together in two large finely-tuned teams and show me two highly complex scenes—one for each Blend—like a pair of short films.

3) In the Astral Body Consult/Energy Healing Session, I travel even deeper into the Forest by adding another dimension, –the client’s Astral Body–to the healing work. In these sessions, in addition to Plant Spirits and the client’s Guardian Spirits, other Helper Spirits might appear to offer support.

4) In an Astral Mapping session, I travel far beyond your singular Forest–way out into the Astral plane. In each session, I map one of your Astral pathways and visit the deep Astral Forests that punctuate that path. Each one of these Forests is yours and is a spiritual microcosm—an Astral World onto itself. These worlds provide richly detailed scenes that I witness and then share with you. The tangible goal of Astral mapping is to give you a much more expansive and multi-dimensional perspective about the problem you are inquiring about. The spiritual goal of this service is to assist you in initiating a subtle energetic shift at a very high vibrational level that will hopefully help you begin to untangle that problem. Astral mapping is a very intense in-depth journey into your greater energetic and soul experience. This service tends to be most effective for clients working through a major life issue.


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