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Long distance traveling into the Astral

I first alter my consciousness by going into a very deep meditative state and undergo the process of freeing my astral body to methodically travel to my long established ‘astral hub’/ foundational Forests. From there, I bring up the energetic structure that was created from our initial consult, like the energetic imprint I mention in the Plant Spirit Consult service, but with the additional component of an ‘energetic pathfinder’ created from our energetic connection and the layer of energy that deals specifically with the major life issue you are working through. This energetic structure pulls me through various Forests of mine to the location of your foundational Forest for the 1st Astral Mapping Session. I then begin the process of Mapping your pathway. For Continuing Astral Mapping sessions, I go to your foundational Forest and then this energetic structure leads me through another one of your pathways (and the Forests along it) that is dedicated to that particular session’s goals.

Each of your Forests are an astral world/microcosm onto itself and is linked on a path that directly corresponds to the major issue you are working through. Within every Forest I visit on your path, I witness a complex scene, similar to the ones I explain in the Personalized Blends service, but at an exponentially higher vibration, and with a more diverse cast of characters, timelines, and variety in environmental surroundings. The detailed visual, auditory, and tactile information ‘written’ into each of these scenes is meant to reflect a facet of your major life issue. Once I reach the last Forest for the Mapping session, I methodically re-trace my steps, going back through your Forests along your path and carefully return my astral body to my physical one.

It takes time for me to fully come back to the present and during this in-between phase, I begin to write up the notes detailing the entire Mapping experience while key Helper Spirits from the Mapping session clarify and add details to my records.


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