Foundational Consult & Healing Session Info

1st Astral Body Consult-Energy Healing Session

The Basic Components of this Service:

1) A 45-minute initial consult by phone or video conference, 2) A 45-minute Astral Body Consult-Energy Healing Session conducted through the Astral (at a distance), 3) 20-30 minutes of me transcribing notes from your session, 4) A 45-minute follow-up consult by phone or video conference to go over in detail what occurred during your Consult-Healing Session, 5) A small collection of essential oils from the session representing the Plant Spirits who have chosen to work with you.

1st Astral Body Consult-Energy Healing Session: Step-by-Step

  1. Once you complete your purchase, you will be asked to fill out an information sheet online and then we will schedule all of the service components of your session to occur on the same day.* Your oils will be mailed to you afterwards.
  2. We start with a 45-minute initial consult. The goal of this meeting is for me to build an energetic rapport with you. While we talk about your goals for the session, the obstacles you are facing, any background information you would like to share with me, and any questions you may have, the energetic aspects of ourselves are getting to know one another. This harmonious energetic link we establish will allow me to better connect with you during the next phase, the distance Consult-Healing Session.
  3. Next is the Consult-Healing Session. After we conclude the initial consult, you will lie down in a comfortable position on your bed or sofa at home. I will then energetically connect to your Astral body and for the next 45 minutes, I will be under the direction of your Guardian Spirits as I work on your behalf alongside Plant Spirits and other benevolent Helper Spirits. Read more   
  4. A 20 to 30-minute period after your Consult-Healing Session where I work alone in the ‘in-between’ place between the Astral and the physical world to notate what I just witnessed/experienced/did during your session while the Plant and other Helper Spirits clarify and provide additional information for me to share with you.
  5. Next, I will call you and we will have our 45-minute follow-up consult. This is where I share with you what happened during the Consult-Healing Session, go over the essential oils selected for your small collection and answer any questions you may have. It’s a good idea to have a pen and notebook ready as you will be given a lot of information.
  6. Next, I bottle and label your new Plant Spirit friends—in their material form of essential oils—and I ship them off to you. You will receive a tracking number so you can follow their journey to you!
  7. Though your service is complete at this point, once you receive the oils, I would love to hear how you connect with them. Also, if you have brief questions after your follow-up consult or upon receiving the oils, please text me at (239) 595-6869 and I will answer them. Since this Consult-Healing Session already goes so deep, I do not offer a ‘Check-in Session’ option for this service. What seems to work best for both my clients and me is for the client to feel free to contact me with brief questions as he or she is processing the effects of the session and when the client feels ready, to plan another Consult-Healing Session to continue our healing work together.

*Note: Including the 20-30 minute notation session between the Consult-Healing and the follow-up consult, this service from start to finish is about 2:35-2:45 hours long. This service is intense and it is important to schedule it when you have plenty of time to do it. If this service is tightly scheduled into your day, it won’t allow your body/mind/spirit to relax enough to get into the session and it won’t give you the opportunity to ease your body back into your life afterwards. After your Session, I suggest drinking plenty of water and taking it easy to let your system gently adjust to the subtle energetic shifts your body may be experiencing.

Sharing your stories:

If you feel inclined to do so, please stay in touch. I love hearing my clients’ stories about their experiences with their Plant Spirit friends. If you feel up for sharing publicly, you can post on New Moon’s Facebook page or you can use Facebook Messenger to send me a private message.

Thank you for being a part of New Moon!


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