Building New Neural Pathways

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.” This phrase, coined by Donald Hebb, a neuropsychologist, in 1949 refers to how neural pathways/networks are created in the brain and how they become reinforced and solidified through repetitive thoughts, actions and exposure to stimuli. Hebb’s rule is a neuroscientific theory describing neuroplasticity– the brain’s ability to change.

It postulates that when cells or groups of cells are activated at the same time repeatedly, they become associated with each other and synapses are strengthened creating robust neural pathways. Likewise, when they stop firing together, synapses are weakened along with the pathways they created together and the brain ‘prunes’ and discards them because they are no longer in use or of use.

This neural wiring has the ability to positively or negatively affect an individual’s entire being. For those who are stuck in a negative neural loop that manifests as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual symptoms, the chronic nature of the disharmony or illness is truly a vicious cycle. It seems sometimes like there is no escape.

The beauty of brain plasticity is that one can–over time and through repetition–create a ‘positive’ neural loop and use it so often, fortify it so well, that the old ‘negative’ loop becomes obsolete in a sense. Thereby making the new ‘positive’ synaptic network the go-to neural network for the brain to use instead of the old, ‘negative’ one. Though I cannot take a peek inside your brain and see if new pathways have formed, for me, once the clients’ symptoms begin to fade and are replaced with a sense of happiness and calm, then, I know we are on the right track- literally!

The key to gaining the greatest benefit from New Moon’s services and the healing tools they offer is:

1) The consistent use of your Plant Spirit gifts to strengthen those new neural pathways.
2) Self-care/Self-love: Creating the most positive environment possible in your daily life to nurture your healing.


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