Astral Training & Experience

How I began to Travel in the Astral

Ever since I can remember, as a kid, when I went to bed at night, I saw all sorts of energy moving in my darkened room. There were a variety of colors, shapes and beings: animals, mythical creatures, people, along with other figures and patterns I couldn’t quite identify. I would usually observe them for a while until I became sleepy. Then, I would do this nightly ritual of creating a white energetic egg around me. It made me feel safe and cocooned from all of the Astral activity around me, so I could go to sleep. Creating my protective energetic barrier plus snuggling up with my stuffed animals usually worked well enough to help me peacefully go off to sleep.

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Spirit School

It seems that my childhood experience with Astral Traveling and seeing Spirits was not meant to remain a lighthearted diversion. When I was a sophomore at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, I moved into a house on Bowen Street. It happened to be haunted. While I was taking classes, writing papers and completing projects as a Visual Art Major, a bunch of Spirits decided to also sign me up for their ‘Astral Training Boot Camp’. It lasted 3 years.

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How my Astral Body Consults-Energy Healing Sessions began

At the age of 19, I received my first energy healing treatment. I was just beginning to try alternative modalities to heal myself from a long-term health issue. The various courses of pharmaceutical treatments my doctors prescribed ended up making me feel so ill that I barely recognized myself. When I moved into that haunted house on Bowen Street, I was 20 and had just come back to school after taking a year off. I needed to spend that time away to get myself into a better physical/ mental/ emotional/ spiritual space by working through some past trauma, getting off of my medication and taking a new holistic approach to my health.

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New Moon in the Forest: Astral Body Consult-Energy Healing Sessions

I have seen, experienced and learned a lot from the Spirits over the past 20 plus years of doing these Consult-Healing sessions. Though I have a great deal more expertise working with clients in the Astral than when I first started in 1997, the key components of my approach to an Astral Body Consult-Energy Healing Session–whether it is in-person or at a distance through Astral Travel–are still the same.

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New Moon in the Forest: Astral Mapping

As time went by and I became more and more experienced, with the help of both Spirit and human teachers, I learned how to not only better Travel and Map my own Forests (Astral Worlds), but I also learned how to Map those of clients as well.

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