Astral Mapping: Consultation

1st Astral Mapping Session/Continuing Mapping Sessions

The Basic Components of this Service:

1) A 45-minute initial consult with the client by phone or video conference, 2) 90 minutes of me working alone with the Plant Spirits which includes profoundly shifting my consciousness in order to travel way out in the extremely deep astral, (locate your foundational Forest-if it is the 1st Mapping session), map your pathway for this session, witness your multiple Forests one-by-one, then bring my state of consciousness to a place between this physical world and that deep astral world so that I can write detailed notes of the experience while the Spirits are continuing to add more information, 3) A 90-minute follow-up to share this experience with you in great detail and answer any questions that you may have, 4) a small collection of essential oils representing the Plant Spirits who I met in your Forests during the Mapping session and requested to work with you. The intention of this particular collection of oils is to help you to better connect—through the oils’ biochemical and subtle energy properties–to the scenes I describe to you in the follow-up consult.

Astral Mapping: Step-by-Step

  1. Once you complete your purchase, you will be asked to fill out an information sheet online and then we will schedule your initial consult.
  2. We start with a 45-minute initial consult. My goals for this meeting are: to create an energetic rapport with you that will guide me in the astral to find your foundational Forest (for the 1st Astral Mapping session) or lead me to the specific pathway to take from your previously established foundational Forest (for Continuing Astral Mapping sessions), to listen to you describe the major life issue you are dealing with, to outline the mapping process to you in greater detail, and to answer any questions you may have. We will schedule our follow-up consult at the end of this consult.
  3. After the initial consult is completed, I work for the next 90 minutes on your behalf in the deep astral with Plant Spirits and other Helper Spirits. Read more   
  4. We complete your Astral Mapping service with a 90-minute follow-up consult. Please be sure to have a notebook ready as I will have a lot a lot of information to share with you during this consult. This session is also great time to ask me any questions you may have. During our time together, I will first go into great detail describing your different Forests/astral worlds I have traveled to that relate directly to the issue you are working through. I will then share with you which Plant Spirits offered their assistance in the form of essential oils, which I will package and send to you. From there, I will suggest ways you can begin practicing working with the scenic images from your Forests I described to you along with the corresponding essential oils from the session.
  5. If you find you have more questions after we have concluded this service, please text me at (239) 595-6869 and I will answer them.

Sharing your stories:

If you feel inclined to do so, please stay in touch. I love hearing my clients’ stories about their experiences with their Plant Spirit friends. If you feel up for sharing publicly, you can post on New Moon’s Facebook page or you can use Facebook Messenger to send me a private message.

Thank you for being a part of New Moon!


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